Friday, September 28, 2012

The Docking Station episode 9: The land of Enchantment

In this episode our motley crew of hosts talk about Joels recent trip to the land of enchantment. A short rant on religion.  Keith is an addict for DEALS. Julian discusses the bad call from Monday Night football and also The tragic tale of an Canadian minor league hockey team.

Picks of the WEEK
Julian : Galaxy Quest
Keith:  Farscape
Joel:    iOS 6 siri talks dirty bro......
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Docking Station episode 8 Julian gets a little werid

In this episode our intrepid band of misfits try to come up with some new cards against humanity cards. They also discuss the newest season of Sons of Anarchy. Keith and Julian reminisce about LOST,and talk about the newest updates coming to IOS 6.0.

Julians shares the strange encounter between a Croatian womens volley ball player and a intruder.

Julian ....
Joel Tony hawks pro skater HD
Keith Icewind Dale


Happy iPhone Day.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Docking Station EP 7 Dean machine vs the ultimate warrior


In this episode our heroes are down a man, but they found the ultimate ringer Steve Dean host of "two guys one mouse".  In this episode we stage an invention for Steve about all of his hoarding habits. We talk about what we don't like about Star Wars (minus prequels and jar jar, those are too easy guys).  Julian's Sport short this week is The Diamond Dallas Paige Yoga system. Which then turns into pretty good rant about wrestling in general.

Picks of the week.
Steve: Poster of the Disney parks
Julian pick of the week is the best of king of the ring. Mainly Undertaker vs Mankind hell in the cell from king of the ring 97.

Keith pick of the week is borderlands one. Which has a sequel released on next week on the 18th. Best combo of FPS and RPG traits and some great humor


Friday, September 7, 2012

Docking Station Podcast ep 6: it's her fault

I this episode the host talk about what they did on their Labor Day weekends.

To commemorate the release of the second Skyrim DLC, host share their experiences over the past year with skyrim.

Julian tells a tale of a disgruntled girl’s high school basketball coach, who wrote a book you wouldn’t expect.

Picks of the week
  • Keith: Telltale Walking dead adventure game
  • Joel: Garfunkel and oats a girl comedy folk duo, who performed at FYF fest this year.
  • Julian enjoyed the comedic styleing of Patrice o’neil ( passed away late last year) mainly his comedy special elephant in the room

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